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I have always been a fan of the Browning Hi-Power and over the years have owned several. Most of them were pretty beat up and were used hard. But they always were damn good handguns. Back in the 1980’s the Hi-Power was easy to come by at an affordable price; but with todays market and the collectability, they are commanding a premium. And the ones that are affordable are pretty worn out.

If you are interested in owning one but don’t like the price, I suggest going with a Hi-Power clone. More specifically, the FEG Hi-Power. Although the last few years have seen a price increase with these as well;  they can still be picked up at an pretty reasonable price. The FEG Clones have several model variants and the one I own is one of the harder to find models (Model MBK-9HP9). It was imported in limited numbers and this particular model was stopped coming into the US in 1985 or 1986. Regardless of the model, any FEG Hi-Power clone will be an affordable addition to anyones gun safe.

The pictured clone is a SA/DA model with a de-cocker. It has the typical half cock safety and spur hammer. The sights are nothing to brag about. They are reminiscent of the military 1911 GI sights, but they do the job. The fit and finish are actually better than most imports of the time, and the grips are actually checkered walnut instead of plastic.

I have put several hundred rounds thru mine over the years and have never had an issue. It has held up to Browning’s standards of reliability and I have never been disappointed. I might also add that the clones will accept standard Hi-Power magazines. So replacing magazines or adding more is not an issue.

So, if you happen to run across an affordable Hi-Power clone, don’t be turned off by the fact that it’s a Hungarian import. Do yourself a favor and pick one up, You will not be disappointed.


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  • The FEG MBK-9HP was more of a hybrid of the BHP and the S&W Model 59. I have my doubts on how much would actually interchange between the MBK-9HP and its two parents.

    One thing to be careful of is that not all of FEG’s single-action BHP clones fully interchange with the BHP. There was at least one model (P9M) that used a S&W-style lower lug on its barrel.

    FWIW: Kassnar Imports evolved into KBI, which would later operate as Charles Daly. It has now reorganized as IWI US.

    • Freeze

      You bring up a valid point about the the SA/DA clones being a FN/S&W hybrid and I’m sure not all parts will interchange. In the article, I was referring to magazine interchangeability and not parts but The SA clones pretty much are direct copies of the BHP and as far as parts interchangeability goes, most will drop in but some may require fitting but can be made to work. Basically if you can work on a 1911 you shouldn’t have an issue with the Hi-Power clone or at least the SA clones. Getting back to mags, The MBK pictured in the article will indeed run BHP mags without any issues. Thanks for the import info, I was not aware that Kassnar morphed into Charles Daly.

  • Skyviking

    I have been talked out of my his & hers Novak Special Ops Hi-Powers years ago, but have a MKIII that will go to Jim Garthwaite when he’s ready. My daughter is shooting my Argy FM85 that Don Williams worked over, and i have picked up a couple of the FEG clones that are really nicely finished and work just fine. Their slide releases and safeties are an improvement over the old FN design.

    • Garthwaite. I haven’t heard that name in 15 years. And now that you mention it, I aways wanted to have NOVAK do a HP for me.