FN-15 Military Collector M16A4 At Buds

Over the holiday weekend, I had a chance to run over to Bud’s gun shop to do some window shopping. I did this for one specific gun. They have a “FN-15 M16A4 Military Collector” in stock. I’ve been eyeing these since they came out at SHOT. Actually truth be told, I have been eyeing all three of them: The A4, the M4 and the 249s.

Right off the bat, I need to remind our new readers of something that might offend my fellow gun enthusiasts: I am so over AR rifles. I really am. I find the entire category tedious. It seems every year, 20-40 new companies pop up with their take on the concept. Some of them admittedly are improvements. Sadly…many simply aren’t. Side note. I think the LWRC IC line is really slick and if I was going to “run” a AR-15 as my primary civilian rifle, I would give that gun a hard look. But back to the tedious reality.

A4 has a 20" barrel and Knights Rails & Covers

A4 has a 20″ barrel and Knights Rails & Covers

Many of the AR experts don’t like these “military” AR guns. If their arguments are from a position of the latest and greatest in the technology, they have a point. The US Military is always 10-15 years behind the times gun-technology wise. If their arguments devolve into such things as brand loyalty or ninja-magic, watch out. But they are missing the point.

The reality is, FN is a supplier of AR’s to the US Military. And these guns have been received with positive reviews for much of the GWOT. The Military Collector guns are a piece of history and FN is giving you the chance to own a “real one” minus the Post 1986 Dealer Sample Machine Gun hassle. I think that’s pretty neat. And this is coming from someone who “hates” AR’s.

The M16A4 is the 20" Rifle the USMC uses.

The M16A4 is the 20″ Rifle the USMC uses.

Bottom line: FN is in the business to make money. And one day, these Military Collector guns are going to be gone. Before that happens, I will pick up a A4 for use in Service Rifle matches.

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  • Mikial

    I guess I can honestly say I don’t ‘hate’ any rifle, although I have to agree with you on the continuous stream of ‘the best in the AR platform’ guns that seem to show up in SWAT and Recoil every month. I’ve used everything from AKs and ARs to FNs and HKs on assignments, and not counting whatever was issued to me in the military, have carried and/or owned everything from Colts and Bushmasters to S&W M&Ps and DPMS. I won’t even go into my opinion of DPMS here, or the fact that the Bushmaster SBR I was issued by an employer in Iraq wouldn’t cycle beyond being essentially a single shot rifle. But I still like the AR platform.

    I also have to agree with you that the FN M16A4 and M4 models are definitely worth a second look. FN has always made exemplary guns. My wife prefers the A4 version because of the solid stock while I like the M4 variant, so I guess I better start saving my nickles to gather up the $3K+ the two of them are going to cost me.

    • Brennen Munro

      The cost of having a spouse that loves to shoot too! I am fortunate that my wife will shoot my rifles, and only insist that she have her own pistol. Or should I say pistols!


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