Foamed Out Gas Tube

Just foam out the barrel he said.
It’ll be quick he said.
You’ll be done before that meeting he said.


Now I remember why I use this primarily on bolt guns.


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  • Freeze

    That’s why I stay away from gimmicky bullshit. Hoppies, remoil, eds red when needed. It’s worked for me for 40 years so I don’t feel the need to use some special forces delta seal bukkaki lube just because some dick head claims you will be a true operator if you use it.

    • I like this product since it removes all cooper fouling, isn’t toxic, and doesn’t eat the barrels.


    • Brennen Munro

      But, how do you really feel about it Freeze?!
      I like coming here, I feel like I am always getting the unvarnished truth of how you guys feel about products and issues.


      • Freeze

        Well, I don’t see any reason to guild the lilly as they say. I don’t really care what cleaner people use. If it works for you then I say “USE IT”. I just never bought into all the high priced cooking oil lubes and break cleaners out there.

      • One thing that makes us different than most websites is we don’t actually agree on many things.

        Or we approach issues from different backgrounds and perspectives.

        The truth is, there are very few “conversations” Freeze and I have that differ from the same conversations our customers have.

        John1911 is just 2 gun guys talking.


  • Daniel, God is my judge

    Yeah, but at least now everything is squeaky clean, even if it was a PITA.

  • Mikial

    I use Gun Scrubber, especially to get to the hard to reach areas. but you really have to think about it and ensure you a) make sure the loosened particles that then might interfere with operations, b) be sure you lubricate after using these ‘gee-whiz’ cleaners.

  • Brennen Munro

    If you use the spray can and use the little red tube, the CLP foams up real nice too!
    I just use CLP and if I find something left over I reapply and scrub harder…


    • This product really shines in modern, high speed projectiles. They can leave copper in your barrel.

      So depending on what the copper does to your cold bore shot, you may want to get it out. Or…fire a fouling shot.

      The theory is the cooper can get trapped in there and when in contact with the elements and your steel act like a battery and eat your barrel up.

      I noticed some high speed Camp Perry types were using this product. All they would do if foam the barrel, let it sit 15-20 minutes, and then dry patch it out.


      In use extensively on bolt guns. Probably the easiest way to clean a barrel….without a gas port!