Found: Two Full Size IDPA Steel Targets

So…while I was digging around Mitchell’s range, I knew we had a round gong target that would come in handy on the new rifle range. 

Well…dig in the barn, unopened package from 3 years ago, and discover a full sized IDPA Steel Target. 3/8th inch thick. 18” wide by 30” tall. 

Found Two Full Sized IDPA Steel Targets.

Found Two Full Sized IDPA Steel Targets.

Very nice. But damn, this package is heavy. Only to discover we have TWO IDPA steel targets! What luck! It feels like Christmas! 

What excites me about these? I love, love, love full-sized humanoid targets at 300-500 yards. The reason being for practical shooting with service weapons, a low torso hit is still a real hit. And while the “bad guy” might not be DRT, in the real world you have put a major hurt on him. 

Sometimes with iron sights, it’s a game of tag not Camp Perry bullseye. 





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