Freedom Munitions AR Kaboom

I’ve been seeing reports about this KB for a few days. As I understand it, the owner fired 2 rounds out of his magazine and the 3rd kaboomed. That “generally” eliminates the dreaded 300blk in the 5.56 syndrome. Not completely but it’s a valuable data-point.

That leaves us with too much powder or the incorrect powder or possibly a squib? Looking at the box, it is not clear to me if this is remanufactured ammunition or factory new? The word “NEW” does appear on the box.

Now before we jump too deep into the derp-end of the pool, I want to make something very clear: I have seen this same exact same thing happen with new ammunition from the “majors”. So eschewing company x or company y, doesn’t mathematically eliminate this kind of event.

It’s just a data-point.

But I will add this. Personally…I am not very comfortable shooting remanufactured rifle calibers. I’m generally OK with 9mm. Maybe….just maybe…45. But have never done so. 357SIG? No way. No how.

Do you recognize a pattern in my logic? Higher pressure rounds I like brand new. 45, while not high-pressure, is notorious for setback even in factory new, so strange reloads are to be handled with some caution. 556 is a no-go in my book. 357SIG is double trouble: higher-pressure and notoriously harder to reload with the neck.

Freedom Munitions AR Kaboom

Freedom Munitions AR Kaboom

Closing point. While this AR might not be a high-dollar AR, it’s certainly nothing special or historically significant. Keep this in mind if you are shooting your grandfather’s bring-back or some high-dollar Class III machine gun.


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