Freeze Is Ready — 22 Grudge Match

I was out checking the zero on the CZ. I’m ready to play. I’m sure Marky is shaking in his boots.

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Freezer Meat

Freezer Meat

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Freeze is our resident All-American hunter, shooter, gunsmith and military surplus collector. When he is not processing his own game or running the smoker, he focuses on Com-Bloc weapons and Black Powder Shooting.
Freezer Meat

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  • Mikial

    You go, Freeze!

    Of course, we want a full run down on the outcome.

    • Freeze

      To be honest, Im way under gunned. My barrel is shorter and a pencil, where the Winchester is a longer Bull barrel. I still think at 25 and 50 yards the CZ will preform very well. When we get it done we will have a write up as well as video.