Gemtech Integra first shots, first impressions.

Gemtech Integra First Impressions

In a word: Favorable. 

The upper is lighter than I would have expected. The gas to the shooters face is almost NIL. And it seems to run 55g Wolf steel ammo pretty good. 

Had a few bobbles. But that would be break-in? Or that could be variations in wolf pressure levels. Because wolf steel is notoriously under powered ammunition. And on a gun a which has a smaller gas port since it’s dedicated for suppression. Could be something to watch out for. 

Again, only a few bobbles with steel Wolf. 

Long term goals with the Integra? Simple. To make it my main truck gun which gets used constantly to train drills with. And to use it as the anti-predator gun on the property. Day or night. 

In short, I’m going to shoot the hell out of this gun. 





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