German 88 with Tank

“Contact! German 88 12 o’clock! 1000 yards!!!”, my mind screamed.

Driving down the highway today, I suffered one millisecond of World War II WTF. You see, I actually recognized the German 88 anti-aircraft gun from afar. Which may seem weird to the uninitiated, but the German 88 AA gun is huge and it sits very high off the ground. It wasn’t until I got closer that I saw the WWII German Tank!

This is more Freeze’s area, because I swear! One day he’s showing up at the office with a tank. So I will leave it up to him to positively ID this armor. I simply would be guessing. Looking closer at my computer, maybe it’s mobile artillery or a tank destroyer of some kind?

Rear axel of 88mm Anti-Aircraft gun.

Rear axel of 88mm Anti-Aircraft gun.

But then…isn’t that what the Germans used the 88’s for as well? Your guess is as good as mine. Leave your input below in the comments.

As for why? I don’t know if this was being moved for a military museum or for a private collection? When you’re the WWII undisputed champion, it’s hard keeping all those trophies organized.

The German 88 is huge. Look how much larger it is than the armor.

The German 88 is huge. Look how much larger it is than the armor.

We grabbed a lot of stuff from those Nazi suckers!

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