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So…maybe I had to cobble together some Glock mag pouches to make this work? Who’s gonna know? Not the guys at security….


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  • I used to wear suits quite a bit. As of late, the need has come back. So…now I need to work out the kinks on a OWN VP9 setup instead of appendix.


  • Mikial

    With a suit, I prefer a shoulder harness; quick access and good concealability. And yes, people may see your gun if you are moving fast in an emergency, but if it’s an emergency then it really doesn’t matter if they see it. When I was doing security for the DoD Contracting Office in Baghdad, we had side arms and MP5’s, but we weren’t wearing suits so we did our best to conceal the SMG’s under vests. I did do some CP gigs in Jordan where we were in sport coats and carried a variety of handguns that were provided to us on the sly by the local operators, since Jordan is pretty strict about foreigners carrying weapons. I was provided everything from Browning HP’s to .357 revolvers.

    • I rocked a shoulder rig sometimes back in the 90’s for work. The cool kids eschew them, but they have their place. Especially in vehicles.

      Problem is, I don’t have a lot of options in place for the VP. I’m all over Glock and 1911 carry rigs.


  • Daniel, God is my judge

    Like a Boss. 🙂