Glock 19 Gen 2 Giveaway Pictures

Here are detailed pictures of the current giveaway gun. A LE trade in Glock 19 that is a Generation 2. It comes with one original 15 round magazine and functioning night sights. Every t-shirt purchased on between now and the beginning of December is a chance to win.

1 shirt is 1 chance.

10 shirts is 10 chances.

No limit on the amount of shirts you can buy. But…C’mon. Nobody is going to buy 100 shirts, right?

We appreciate everyone’s support and good luck!



“Shooting Guns & Having Guns”

  • Brennen Munro

    What a cool way to have a “give-a-way”. Everyone who enters is going to win at least a shirt, maybe more depending on how many times they enter… and somebody is going to walk away with the Grand Prize of a Glock 19! Pre-tested to ensure it is in proper working order, (some testing takes longer than others!) Now I just need to choose which prize (shirt) I want to “win” with my entry!

  • Fedup Veteran

    What a BS way to market a t-shirt with an “entry” into a contest. If I wanted a t-shirt, I would buy one whether there was an entry into a contest or not. I certainly would not buy an entry into a contest just because a t-shirt came with it. Either sell t-shirts or sell entries into a drawing for a Glock. Besides, the t-shirts are too high priced to begin with!

    • Roger that. Just gives our paying customers better odds and locks out the crybabies. We did it the other way for years and finally had to shut it down due to turd-sucker comments and bad attitudes.

      So…thanks for confirming that.


      • Fedup Veteran

        Actually, you just proved my point so the thanks goes to you!