Good Price on a Used Barrett 50

Those who listen to our podcast are aware of the long range shooting facility “project” we have brewing on the east coast. The potential of such long range has put me in the market for a 50BMG rifle.

But like many of you, money is an issue. So why pay full retail for a 50 when most used ones are not shot that much?

While I was down at Bud’s a few months back, I happened to see a used Barrett in the showroom. Frankly, I didn’t think the price was bad at all. While I won’t be picking up this particular example, I figured I would pass on the info.

And no, Buds has no idea who we are. And we have no relationship with them in anyway. Those who are aware of “Don’t Tell Me This Isn’t A Service Rifle” post should probably have guessed that.



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  • Brennen Munro

    That thing looks new! And for a whole lot less than what the “New” one’s cost too! Not only do I not have a place to shoot it, or afford it, but I am pretty sure that shooting the 50BMG is not something that is on the approved activities list for someone who has had numerous back surgeries. If it didn’t jar loose the hardware in my back, it would most likely break something new. I never got to shoot the 50, but I sure did get to play with loads of other fun toys before I got put on the team’s DL list!


    • In my limited experience, your head will hurt before your back. The blast wave bothers some very quickly.