Lost & Found: Dropped Gun in parking lot.

Have You Ever Lost Your Gun?

This photo was sent in by one of our executive team. This was not at our office. The gun pictured is not ours. And the location is not a piece fo property we own, use or are in control of. 

This image was taken before 9am outside what I would call a Class B commercial property. If I were to guess, either someone dropped their gun egressing out of a vehicle. Either very early that AM or overnight. If overnight? Then less chance for it to be seen. And higher the chance the activity involved was less than ideal. 

Lost & Found: Dropped Gun in parking lot.

Lost & Found: Dropped Gun in parking lot.

It was turned into the local PD by hand. They didn’t seem interested in coming over and securing it themselves. BTW..they could have walked over to pick it up!

My bet? It’s actually a cop’s personal or plain clothes gun. 

Since we don’t know the story behind it, I am left to ask the reader a simple question. Have you or anyone you know ever lost control of a personally carried firearm? If you wish to share the story so others can learn from the mistakes? Please feel free to comment below. All I would ask is you change or conceal the identities of those folks who are not here to defend themselves. 






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