HK VP9 Giveaway Winner

Some old news that I want to get addressed. It seems I never actually posted photos of the HK VP9 giveaway. Received a somewhat snarky message on the subject.

I won’t go into what this person said, since I don’t want to give voice to a Negative Nancy. But the fact remains, I didn’t post a photo of the winner: Stan B.

That is my fault and I am addressing it now. Good thing we have this blog page to help with such things!



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  • Brennen Munro

    I wish I could remember where I saw it now, it was such a great reply to someone’s snarky asshole remark about not seeing who or what had won some kind of drawing. The reply was “Well, obviously it was not you… so try not to get all twisted up about it”… What an amazingly polite way to say “F-You”! I used to have a sign up in my business that read under the header of customer service, “The customer is NOT always right… I AM, you came to me. I did not come to you.” I recieved some comments about it, but most folks would just say that they understood why I had posted it. Some people should have been drowned as infants, now that they are grown, they put up to much resistance to make it an easy solution.