How Forgings End Up As Guns

Thought this was a neat picture from the National Firearms Museum. In it you see forgings as they are shipped from the steel plant on the left. And on the right you see the completed components after they are “milled” from forgings into completed parts.

Forgings on the Left. Gun and parts on the right.

Forgings on the Left. Gun and parts on the right.

What some don’t understand is firearms manufactures are not stupid. While they could mill finished parts from square or round stock, machine time is money. So why not have the steel plant pour forgings that save machine time? So you end up with forgings that resemble the outline of a gun.

It is inevitable I will get some questions on this so I will address it here. If you have heard of 80% receivers, which according to the BATFE are not firearms, this would be a 0% receiver. Legally a 0% receiver has the same weapons classification as a rock.

Aren’t you glad federal money was spent on that question? I know I’m not.

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