ISIS Sniper Video

Interesting video showing the other side of the sniper equation. Unlike the movies, a lot can be learned from these images.

What works? What doesn’t? What makes you more or less vulnerable? What could you do differently if you suspect a sniper is in your area? Is that practical to do all the time or just when threats are high?

BTW…if you don’t want to hear the chanting, just mute your device.


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  • MickeyG

    Interesting video, the targets seem to have a lack of situational awareness.

    • Not my favorite phrase. Typically it translates into, “I’m too smart to ever let that happen to me”.

      Don’t be so sure!

      Objective observations:

      1. Most were the first shot victims. Meaning, how do you know if I’m scoping you right know before I pull the trigger?

      2. It can be very difficult to determine where a lone shot breaks from. Some still debate JFK in Dallas.

      3. Notice the guy who puts the helmet up as a ruse? Was it effective? Why or why not? Lessons to learn from that?

      4. The most valuable are the guys helping victims. They know there is a sniper. What could they have done better?


      • Randy Shadoe

        Acting as if you are being scoped by a sniper all of the time is a PIA, it gets old and people get sloppier than if they didn’t. The helmet ruse fails because it is exposed as an empty helmet on a stick. Obviously the rescuers should be under cover. Very intense strange mixed emotions watching this video as I know the source; there are some things I prefer not to discuss.

        • I debated posting it. But decided the perspective was too valuable not to. So I obliterated the ISIS / ISIL logo and marched on.

          You are 100% correct, obviously, about running around trying to avoid a sniper you don’t know if there. Things get sloppy because it’s not practical.