Jamie Gilt Shot by 4 y/o Son

Have to be honest. Before this story broke about this incident, I had never heard of this woman. It seems she has been making a name for herself by promoting gun rights for women, moms, or kids or families or something? Not really sure. But she seems to be pro-gun and public about it. Which is great in my book. No problems.

Here is the local news report of the accident.

But like I alluded to above, I have no idea if she is charlatan or saint. I don’t know if she is a “tier 1 operator” or a “Pier 1 operator”. But don’t misunderstand my lack of info as judgement or snark. As I get wiser, I am less and less comfortable with the holier-than-thou line of thinking. While it has a certain level of appeal with the keyboard commandos, it leaves one vulnerable to life’s uncertainties.

Kimber 45.

Kimber 45. Unknown if this is the weapon involved.

Five minutes after I type this article, someone else could very well be writing a similar article about how I unceremoniously added extra holes to my body. In such an event, I would want the author to be as charitable towards me as possible. So I will extend the same courtesy to Ms. Gilt in a blatant attempt to avoid the cosmic hand of Karma from whacking me too hard.

But her accident, and it is an accident, reminds me of a question I first heard posed almost 20 years ago.

“I have a bunch of small kids. All rambunctious boys. What is the safest way for me to keep a gun in the house? Safe, Trigger Lock, Hidden away, etc?”

Notice this is a 45 caliber 1911 as well.

Notice this is a 45 caliber 1911 as well.

The instructor, a grizzled SWAT commander, listened attentively as 3 or 4 people piped up and all added their two cents and suggestions. After the room kind of settled down, all eyes turned toward the instructor and he answered,

“Boxes, bags, safes, locks. They are all the same. Good and bad. But as an experienced professional, SWAT unit member, SWAT commander, and career street cop and father; the only way I can guarantee that a house full of little kids can’t get access to MY handgun is to wear it. Especially at home. All day everyday.”

Holster and pistol author is wearing while typing this at home.

Holster and pistol author is wearing while typing this at home. Today we have more options than ever.

Today, that answer may not seem so outlandish. But back then, it was as revolutionary as splitting the atom. I guess in some circles it still is.


“Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

  • B. Young

    I can say I’ve never been out of control of any firearm to the point that a 4 year could shot it or me! Accidents happen but realistically any gun accident is caused by failure to follow basic safety rules.

    • Can’t disagree. But in the real world, accidents happen everyday to people who would swear it can’t happen to “them”. It’s always the other guy. Or in this case, gal.


  • Mikial

    Sorry, and I do feel sympathy for everyone involved, but these kinds of incidents caused by careless people only help to cause problems for responsible gun owners. First, why was the gun in the back seat with the child and not under her control? Second, if she WAS going to put it in the back, why was it in condition one? No 4 year old child can work the action on a .45 of any make.

    I can just hear it now as the antis jump on this (never let a crisis go to waste) and point out how guns are just too unsafe for law abiding citizens to own.

    And yes, Marky, I agree. My G21 is on my hip as I write this.

  • Mumra

    Nice story, but do you own only ONE GUN?

    • Mikial

      Good point.

    • No. But how many guns can you shoot at one time? We also need to be honest about lifestyle. I am unmarried with no kids. I can leave a freaking howitzer out if so inclined. But if I was a parent with young children, there comes an entire set of circumstances that change things. For example: spoused. Kids. Kid’s friends. Kid’s of spouses friends. As one’s life expands, so does the “traffic” through an average home. –Marky

      • Mikial

        Very true. Same for us in our house. Just me and my wife, who shoots very well. If we’re not wearing it in a house that gets any children traffic at all it needs to be locked up, which I think is probably what Mumra was getting at.

        I had a fellow officer in the army who kept his loaded gun on the top shelf of the closet all the time. His teenage stepson got it one day and while playing the clown, like too many teens do, he pointed it at his friend and shot him dead. Tragic all the way around . . for the dead teen and his family, for the idiot stepson and the family, and for my fellow officer. It effectively ended his career because he lived on base and did not show the responsibility expected of a commissioned officer.

    • Nope. But we do have an armory so that helps. –Marky

  • B. Young

    Happily, I see the mother has been discharged from the hospital after two weeks. If anyone can direct us how to help her please post.

    • I believe she has been arrested and charged. –Marky

      • Mikial

        There are actually a couple of charges.

        The first is a misdemeanor charge of failure to properly store a gun that the sheriff is considering. It’s a misdemeanor to have a loaded gun under one’s control without properly storing it or leaving it in a secure place when a reasonable person should know a minor is likely to gain access to it.

        The second is more mundane and has nothing to do with the shooting incident.

        She was arrested by Jacksonville Sheriff’s Department and charged with a felony count Grand Theft Retail. According to her arrest report: ‘The suspect entered the Juniors department of Dillard, selected several clothing items and concealed them in the purse she was carrying.

        ‘The suspect then placed her purse in the stroller she was pushing and then attempted to exit the store without paying in an attempt to appropriate the property as her own.

        ‘The suspect was detained by loss protection personnel and the property, totaling $455 was recovered.’

        ‘The suspect was arrested on the above charge and transported to the Duval County Jail.’

        The value of the theft makes it a felony, which will be enough to end her gun ownership and shooting career, so bad news for her all the way around. Sad. She seemed like a pretty cool person, but then, Facebook pages aren’t all that reliable as an indicator of the person.

        Again, the real losers are responsible gun owners because you know Bloomberg and his cronies will make the most of this.

        • B. Young

          Bummer, that’s sad.

          • Mikial

            Yeah, I agree. Sad for her, sad for her son, and sad for responsible gun owners everywhere.

        • So let me get this straight. At the same time she is getting on the internet talking about our constitutional rights, she’s boosting clothes from local retailers. Using her kids as cover?

          That’s not sad, that’s pathetic. She’s a piece of shit if this is accurate.


          • Mikial

            Can’t argue with you there, Marky. I think she did all the FB ‘I love my guns’ thing to get attention. Well, she’s getting plenty of attention now, but it isn’t the kind she wanted. Trouble is, it spills over on the rest of us.

          • Brennen Munro

            The clothing theft was from 2013, and I think that it was resolved. That does not excuse her past behavior, but I think it also does not have any bearing on the charges she may face because of this incident. She is facing “child endangerment” type charges on top of getting shot. I hope that she learned from her past charges of theft and has been following the path of not taking things that belong to others… but it does not have anything to do with the current situation other than to show a history of making poor decisions. Getting shot through and through is not a pleasant condition to deal with. I do not know her, and had never heard of her before this post, but I did want to let you know that these two things did not happen back to back, and maybe she had grown some since being a thieving shit…

      • B. Young

        She gave a gun safety seminar recently in a nearby town so I guess she’s ok. This was above and beyond her judge imposed punishment.

  • Mikial

    The last thing I read was that the judge decided not to charge her on the condition she give 10 gun safety speeches.

    Citation: https://www.rt.com/usa/342140-gun-mom-no-jail/

    I thought she was pretty stupid when I first read the story, especially when I found out she’d been busted for Grand Theft shoplifting some time before the incident. I appreciate her pro-gun stance but she needs to get her head out of her third point of contact and quit giving gun owners a bad name. When we make the decision to carry, we have to set ourselves above what society might consider “normal” conduct, we in fact have to be squeaky clean, especially in today’s messed up culture. And when we become highly visible, like she has with her stupid FB page (no, no one at my house does FB) and her political activism, it becomes even more critical to keep our head straight.

    The Liberals own the media, so if a Liberal messes up it’s barely mentioned. but if a Conservative and an outspoken gun owner messes up it goes around the world in 30 seconds. Fair? No. The way it is? Yes.

    • I am of two minds. We need to do better. And I’m thankful YouTube and the Internet wasn’t around when I was a kid!


      • Mikial

        Oh, I can relate to that!