Kydex Holster for a WWII Luger

A reader on our Facebook page posted these photos and it stopped me in my tracks. Just look at this! We truly live in a golden age for recreational shooters. It used to be that most people wouldn’t put the time, or the money, into making a modern style holster for a WWII service pistol. And if you did, it was some custom tooled leather thing.

The full setup.

The full setup.

Not very practical by today’s modern pistol technique standards.

But with the proliferation of custom Kydex shops in just about every town, you really don’t have those excuses any longer. And that is a good thing! As a shooter, I am all about the experience. And custom Kydex holsters make it very easy for the home-gamer to play “what if”.

Maybe pop’s pistols can come out of semi-retirement? Hell! Some of you might be surprised at how, “not bad”, many of these old-timer guns are.

Special thanks to Chuck M. for sharing his pictures.
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  • Gary Tompkins

    Old meets new. Nice. Never thought of that. Great now another project to add to the list.

    • Yup. Having a viable holster opens up some interesting possibilities.


  • Brennen Munro

    I like that. It also seems like an affordable way to get some of those old service pistols and revolvers out of “semi-retirement”, as well as giving you a rock solid system for enjoying them at the range. For some it may even give them the option of another piece of kit for their EDC!