LAW-12 Shotgun Buffer Check

Knocking this one off the to-do list. We took in a LAW-12 a while back. But it can’t be officially put into the firing reference collection until we confirm the parts are in working order. 

The first thing to check on an SPAS / LAW semi-auto type of shotgun is the receiver buffer. Over decades they tend to deteriorate and simply fall apart. That causes two problems. 

One, the bolt is now slamming into the back of the metal receiver which could cause a stress failure. Two, parts of the buffer and strike plate can fall into the action / trigger group and cause compete stoppages. 

The $13 question. Which type of buffer does your gun have? Old style or new style? The only real way to find out is to take it apart and look. Order the wrong style and it won’t fit. Additionally, you’ll need to take the gun apart to install the new buffer anyway. 

While the LAW is not a very complicated shotgun, I can understand a casual end user not wanting to get inside of it. So when in doubt, farm it out to your local gunsmith. It shouldn’t be much money at all. And I can guarantee s/he will enjoy seeing an uncommon gun for a change. 






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