M47 Dragon ATGM Cutaway

Took these photos over the summer. What you see here is a M47 Dragon ATGM. That is a man-portable Anti-Tank Guided Missile. This was replaced by a similar system more of our readers are familiar with known as the Javelin.

We have some examples of this kind of ORD in the armory. But I haven’t seen a proper cutaway in a very long time.

This example was in a private collection in the Southern United States.


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  • Gary Tompkins

    I have only seen cutaway in museums. Never really thought about it in a private collection. Interesting.

    • Cutaways if mechanical devices are always neat. The electronic stuff generally not so much.

      Unless you are EOD.



    • BTW…this guy’s collection is wood class. Has his own fighter-bomber.


  • Geoff Klein

    Very cool. I was a Dragon Gunner when I was with the 1st Cav. Qualified Expert Gunner. Hit 59 out of 60 targets.
    The Dragon missile travels 100 meters per second. Maximum range was 1000 meters. That meant you had to hold the crosshairs on target for 10 seconds. The average soviet tank crew, from the moment they saw your smoke, could load, range and fire in 8 seconds. You were going to kill him but was going to kill you back.

    • I seem to recall stories like that from the past. Thanks for posting it. Gives our readers some perspective beyond Hollywood and video games.