Man Rams Parked SWAT Vehicle

In Cobb County Georgia, Brian Palusiak (33) decided to ram a parked Bearcat SWAT vehicle with his 2001 Ford Explorer. Here’s the deal. The SWAT truck wasn’t out on deployment. It was parked outside a local fire station.

For the record, the Explorer was totaled. The Bearcat had a slightly bent fender and was completely operational. Palusiak was given the customary trips to the ER and county jail.

I don’t need to do a deep dive on how or why we got to this point. I just thought it was an interesting commentary on the times in which we live. But notice what is missing? The media isn’t asking any political party, or individual politicians, to “disavow” this violence.

Things that make you go Hmmmmmm…….


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  • guns2317

    Saw a video last year of a guy in Colorado ( I think ) trying to ram a Bearcat that was being driven up to his house on a mountainside to take him into custody. It did not end well for the suspect, I think he started bouncing down the mountainside. Morons, they are everywhere.

  • Mikial

    Stupid is as stupid does. Maybe he was a Liberal, so the media can’t be expected to report it. Now, if he’d been some far Right militia member, you can bet it’d be all over the front page of every report in the country.

    • That is an astute observation I actually missed. You bet they would do that.