Mannlicher 1905 Pistol

I took this photo at the Buffalo Bill Firearms Museum. It’s a Mannlicher model of 1905 chambered in 7.65 Mannlicher. I always thought it was a neat pistol. If it was chambered in a more common round, I would be more incentivized to pick one up.

If anyone has one, where do you get ammo for it? Hand-load or source out of Europe?


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  • Conner

    Wow this is art in my eyes. What a quality piece in pristine condition down to the slotted screws.Which by the way you best have a set of A-5 screwdrivers to turn those thin slots without ruining them. Looking at this beauty one can truly say, they don’t make’em like they used to. Having never seen one before I’m assuming they will be hard to find. Awesome picture Marky!

    • They are pretty hard to find. I never really considered trying to pick one up because they’re not in common usage so they really don’t fall under the reference library familiarization program.

      I would buy one, “just because ”


  • MickeyG

    Beautiful weapon.