Mexican Weapons Bust

Ok. The truth is, this is a drug bust. But we concern ourselves primary with weapons. My interest in drugs is more international criminal / geo-political in nature. But I’ll try to keep this mostly to guns.

One, I always enjoy looking at “bust” photos if they come across my desk. Anything from illegal arms shipments intercepted in CENTCOM, or junks full of com-bloc weapons (what we call Non-Standard weapons) in PACCOM or whatever dirt-bags south of the border are killing each with this week?

What we have here are Mexican Marines who have busted some ne’er-do-wells in the drug trade. How do I know it’s the drug trade you ask? Because it’s ALWAYS the drug trade in Mexico! Always. Dope is Mexico. Intellectual property (IP) is China. But I digress.

Mexican Marines Bust Drugs and Guns

Mexican Marines Bust Drugs and Guns

Take a close look at this photo. I see quite a few weapons that certainly did not come out of the US gun market: RPG’s, belt-feed MG’s, The FAL’s likely did not, ditto for the G36. The same could be said for just about any select-fire weapon that hasn’t been modified.

But there are defiantly some US weapons here: The FN PS90’s with the longer barrels for the US market? Yup. The HiPoint Carbine? 100%, and oddly enough just about anything that has a thumbhole stock on it is tell-tale sign of a cross border weapon. In most cases anyway.

Now for the shocker? I surprised I don’t see more US market weapons on the table. I take that as a good sign. At least until a left US politician decides to flood Mexico with illegal weapons just to artificially create an international crisis that “somebody needs to do something” about.

But that’s crazy talk. That would never happen. Never, ever.

Now for the real talk. If Trump gets elected, it’ll be more than Hillary who is jeopardy of going to jail. There’s multiple DOJ folks looking at serious slammer time if the truth ever were to get out.




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  • MickeyG

    Interesting cross-section of arms !

  • Peter Levakis

    Maybe I’m naive, but how many people were actually arrested? Or are we to assume there were a dozen firearms per person? Crazy number of guns collected.

    • Not a naive question at all actually. You bring up a valid point. What was this? A bust if the cartel’s arm’s room with it’s two attendees?


  • Mikial

    Some years back there was a bulletin about a group importing large buys of drugs mainly into Florida that actually offered a bonus of some free guns if the drug buy was large enough.

    • MickeyG

      If guns ever get banned in the US, the drug cartels can start adding guns in the drug shipments…voila….instant black market !

  • Outlaw

    They will all be stolen back within days. I hope the idjits at DOJ are next inline behind Hillary to enter federal prison. On a related note, a local elementary school had a mock election for the kids today and Trump won 68% to 18% for Killary. Doesn’t mean anything but they have chosen correctly in the last five elections. We can always hope for six straight!