Minigun Shoot

Sometimes Scott Mayer just sends me random stuff that he’s doing. From the looks of it, he seems to be hanging around some Mini-Guns. His note says that this particular weapon is only firing at half-speed of 3000 rounds per minute.

—Marky, Editor


Scott Mayer
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Scott Mayer

Scott Mayer

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Mayer began his outdoor industry career in 1993 on the NRA Technical Staff where he became American Rifleman magazine first Shooting Editor. Mayer left NRA and entered the business end of publishing in 2003 as Advertising Account Executive for Safari Club International SAFARI Magazine and Safari Times newspaper. In 2006, Mayer was named Publisher of Shooting Times magazine where he was also tasked with launching and leading Personal Defense TV, the first television show of its kind.

In 2008, Mayer returned to the editorial side of publishing, this time in the digital field, as Editorial Director for Guns & Ammo, Shooting Times, Handguns and Rifleshooter online magazines. After a brief stint in 2011 as the Digital Media Director for an ABC TV affiliate, Mayer returned to the outdoors industry and Safari Club International where he is currently Assistant Publisher and Multi-Media Communications Editor.
Scott Mayer

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  • Scott Mayer

    It’s filmed in slow motion. It goes to regular speed right at the end.

    • I debated cutting some of the slow-mo out of it, but I was too fascinated watching this thing run to think clearly at the time.

      Neat video, Scott.


    • MickeyG

      Cool, but could not see where the rounds were hitting most of the time.

  • Mikial

    Some people have all the fun! 😉

    While doing a DoD security contract in Iraq in 2006, we had Army QRF teams on call for extreme emergencies. One of them actually showed up with a mini mounted on one of their Humvees. I’d seen them on some of the SOC team vehicles operating out of the Radwaniyah compound, but never one on a regular Army vehicle like this, so I can only guess it was an unauthorized modification. Of course, this was back when everything was going full tilt, before the bureaucracy had time to impose a lot of rules.