US Model 1917 with BAR Magazine 01

Model 1917 with BAR Magazine

We’ve all seen the ’03 Springfield’s that have been modified to take the larger magazines. Some are done after the fact since it’s a historically correct modification, while others seem to have been done during the war. 

So…imagine if you were walking past the table at your local gun-show and you saw a US Model 1917 rifle modified to accept a 20 round BAR magazine? Would you scoff and immediately say, “That’s not right!”. Or…would you proceed cautiously and respectfully investigate? 

The caveat still holds true, “Buy the gun, not the story”. But what is also true is a buyer can never be too knowledgeable. We took these photographs at the Cody Firearms Museum. So at least in this case, a 1917 with a BAR mag is the real deal. Could there be others? 





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