Mossberg 500 with PDX Ammo.

Mossberg 500 12 and PDX Ammunition

We invited some close friends and family to come out with us to Mitchell’s Range. The guesst were asked to bring any home defense or CCW weapons they own as well. One thing that showed up with a Mossberg 500 12 gauge that had a pistol grip on it. Personally I’m not a fan of pistol grip shotguns.  Just as many of you. But…it was interesting to see what “non-gun people” buy for the SD role.

Owner of 500 holding the PDX Ammo Hulls I just fired in his shotgun.

Owner of 500 holding the PDX Ammo Hulls I just fired in his shotgun.

The shotgun was loaded with PDX ammunition as well. I am aware some people are concerned with spread when it comes to PDX. Others question the wisdom of intermixing different types of projectiles in a shotgun. It’s neither here nor there. This is what the guy’s got and this is what he will be keeping in his home later on. So…I figured what the hell! Let’s see what we’re looking at here?

Knowing full well it was going to suck, I volunteered to shoot his ammo on steel at 15 feet. The recoil was not pleasant and the pattern wasn’t terribly huge. But I’ve seen buckshot group smaller at that range. Under stress I doubt he would even feel it. Would his shotgun configuration be MY first choice? No. I like Mossberg’s, but prefer the 590 setup.

Table full of various guns. Note Mossberg at bottom. Also note slight rain.

Table full of various guns. Note Mossberg at bottom. Also note slight rain.

The most interesting thing was this shooter wasn’t aware that things like side-saddles even existed. I told him I have my 590 loaded with buck and keep the slugs on the side-saddle as an option. I guarantee he will be running out looking to upgrade his Mossberg very soon.

So we all had fun. I got to shoot something I wouldn’t normally see. And a good guy, learned something new that day. In America we call that a win.



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  • B. Young

    Most people think a shotgun is a “I can’t miss” home defense weapon with any type of ammo but the reality is it doesn’t spread much at all at 5-10-15 feet even with PDX ammo.

    • It is funny. Most people have a weird psychosis when it comes to shotgun logic. A lot of people think you can’t miss a close, but you can.

      Even more people think you can’t shoot long distance with a shotgun, but you can.


  • Brennen Munro

    I had the pleasure of getting to shoot with some of the local LE types one Saturday. It was organized to have folks bring out what they had to defend their homes with. I saw a huge eclectic collection of “stuff” that day, everything from pot metal .22cal revolvers from the early 1960’s, to a formally beautiful Browning auto loading shotgun that had been cut down to just above legal length. And your garden variety of other shotguns, pistols, and rifles. One older lady had a 12 gauge that looked bigger than her! The assortment of ammo that they brought to shoot was just as strange as some of the guns. We were able to advise folks not to try and shoot some of the wilder ammo, such as the shotgun reloads of nuts and washers. Although I will admit that I wanted to see that shot, just not out of the ancient single shot they wanted to load it in!
    It was an enjoyable day for the most part. Everybody went home safe, and with a small baggie or box of shot, bullets, and a gun wipe. We even managed to find some zippered gun bag/rug cases for a few folks who showed up with theirs in a paper bag. What I found most amazing was that many of these folks had never fired the guns that they were going to rely on to protect them and their families with. I have been shooting and hunting from childhood, so this was just difficult for me to understand, I truly have been blessed or spoiled with the shooting opportunities that I have had over my lifetime. This day was rewarding and eye opening!

    • Washers!?!?

      OK. That’s a new one.

      I too would like to have seen that.