Mossberg 500 Slugs on Steel

Those who have followed us for a while know the Freeze hunts quite a bit with a Mossberg 500 shotgun. Actually, it’s Mossberg’s economical line known as a New Haven Shotgun. As I type, I can’t recall how long he has been using this particular gun, but it’s at least 20 years. And possibly more.

Well…a few weeks before deer season in 2015, we go out to zero our guns on Mitchell’s range. But instead of shooting for groups on paper, we shot at steel.

When I was policing up the target stands, I snapped a few images of the results. Many people shoot deer slugs, but how many typically get to see the results on armor plate?



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  • Scott Mayer

    Hitting a deer with a slug is a beautiful thing. Should be on every hunter’s bucket list. It’s like possessing the hammer of Thor.

    • I’m personally looking forward to whacking one with a 45-70. If the slug is the Hammer of Thor, the 45-70 is a MX Missile!


    • Freeze

      Scott, I agree. Guys in the midwest are used to it but there are a lot of deer hunters out there that have never entertained using a shotgun for deer. Its a good way to hunt and everyone should give it a try at least once.

      • I’ll stir the pot here a bit. I’d be willing to say that a shotgun hunter is much closer to a bow hunter than a rifle hunter in field / deer sign analysis.

        The archery guys will howl at that, but it’s true. Most shotgun kills are taken well within 25 yards.


  • Mikial

    I grew up on a farm in upstate New York. It was, and is beautiful country and rich in White Tails. We had to use a shotgun to legally hunt deer because there were just too many farmers out in their fields to risk rifle hunting. I used my dad’s 16 gauge Ithaca pump gun and it worked great!

    I own a Mossberg 500 that I have had for . . . I won’t even say how many decades. But since I bought it while living out west I’ve have used it for all sorts of upland game but never for deer. Out in the mountains of Utah, you use something with a little more range to take down Mulies, my favorite being an old Mouser in 30-06 with a scope. Now that I’m in Virginia where shotguns are common for deer hunting, I need to get out and give it a try and I’m sure my Mossberg is ready to go for it too..