No Authority!!!!!

Let me make this absolutely clear. If some asshole shows up in your universe hurting innocent people, you end that motherfucker with extreme prejudice.

If you are not armed, I expect you to MacGyver the fuck up and smash his head like a grape. If someone gets in your way doing this, drop that asshole like a bad habit too!

The Lion doesn’t ask for permission.

Do I make myself clear?

“Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

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  • Brennen Munro

    Just had this kind of conversation with someone on FB yesterday, about waiting until the “police” or someone else in an authoritarian role came to save the day, and that involving yourself by shooting back would only escalate the incident by the probability that in shooting back you may hit someone… Uh Hell Yeah… like shooting the shooter. They would rather curl up and die than fight back. I was without words to tell them how much of a really bad idea that is. So after having to listen to them go on about how we need to have more “sensible” gun laws here because everyone will be shooting all crazy if someone with a gun shoots back, I made them the promise that I would try really, really hard “not” to shoot them, but I most definitely would be shooting back in an active shooter scenario.

    Everybody dies at some point, if it is my time to go fighting back and trying to save lives, (mine included) so be it. I am okay with that, what I am not okay with is how so many folks just stand around waiting for their turn to be shot. People need to carry, and shoot back… Even if your aim is poor, you may distract them long enough for others who may have better aim to engage . We can make short work of these bastards if enough of us are willing to shoot back.