Obama’s Watergate — Spying on Trump


It was never proven that Nixon ordered it, but he was held responsible and forced to resign. Others involved served prison terms.

Now we learn that the Obama Administration got a Federal Warrant a FISA warrant issued by a FISA Court judge meant for investigating foreign espionage and terrorist activities to enter and tap phone lines and facilities in the Trump Tower, Trump’s private residence.

I suppose Obama will claim he never ordered it. Just like Nixon. Perhaps it was requested by his friend Eric Holder?

But, it appears that some judge issued a warrant on no evidence and now they are saying it does not matter because nothing was found.

Watergate Commission Testimony.

Nothing was found? Remember the whole controversy about the NSA gathering telephone information and the outcry about recording American citizens?

Remember the NSA (Brennan) and Justice department saying they knew nothing of the Boston Bombers, or a whole list of terrorist acts, because they could not get FISA warrants without more solid evidence?

Yet with no evidence other than a false accusation, they managed to get a warrant to bug Trump.

Time for Watergate II.


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  • Mikial

    Agreed. There’s stories popping up in the mainstream media now that what it actually is is an investigation into Trump for being a spy. The Left Wing conspiracy theories just get wackier and wackier.

    • I suspect we haven’t heard that last of this topic. If the Left isn’t careful, they will end up reopening all the cases where Obama’s administration did all kinds of illegal $hit and didn’t get busted for it.


  • Choose a side

    “Remember the whole controversy about the NSA” what do you mean remember, it’s still happening. Come on don’t lead people to be so naïve. In fact see the news clip on Tacoma; http://www.thenewstribune.com/news/politics-government/article136371963.html I mean really were talking the CIA NSA, FBI, and DHS do you really believe they would moth ball their most efficient form of spying? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stingray_phone_tracker We may not like what our country does, but would you rather live under someone else’s rule? Trump was dumb for even putting the comments out there, it’s like your child telling dad “my brother snitched on me for breaking mom’s vase”. Dad reply’s, “oh I didn’t know moms vase was broken?” Never cry wolf until you know it’s a wolf…. You watch, this is going to blow up in his face and it will be the main spear they choose to poke the giant with. When really we should be concentrating on bigger issues in our country. I challenge and encourage you to investigate this: Two Syrian refugees walked into a gun store in Federal Way, WA. to perform the FBI Required background check for a private sale. They have been in this country for 8 months….. Yet they HAVE CITIZENSHIP!!! Our Immigration laws require them to be in the country for 5 years before gaining citizenship, Our gun laws require you to be a citizen before being allowed a gun. Why do they flee a war zone, where they don’t want to fight for their own country and carry a gun, but they come here, and feel the need to carry????? Why is the USA more of a threat to them than SYRIA????? True they did it right it was a private sale and they did the BG Check. But Why did it pass? Why are they citizens already, what happens if this gun is used for nefarious reasons?
    If you want to investigate this, Call the Owner of the only indoor gun range in Federal Way, WA, and ask him. He is pissed because if he refused to do the check he could be sued, yet the feds allowed this to pass. Screw the politics, protect the country, and if we ever get invaded, fine protect your women and children, but every capable person needs to bear arms and protect what is ours. Even if you have to choose a side, at least your not cowering in another country.

    • The Stingray is very old tech. We are much better at this stuff now. Hell! The Chinese and Russian use better stuff than that INSIDE of Washington DC to grab communications signals.

      As for the gun shop you mention, I wasn’t there. If you have information about something nefarious or illegal I suggest you step up and complain to your local authorities or media.


      • Choose a side

        I already have made it very known to authorities and went outside local authorities, as Seattle and Tacoma are “sanctuary cities” and refuse to help the feds in the pursuit of information regarding refugees. Sometimes it takes a public outcry to make those in charge get off their ass. My point was You have a national audience, and if this happened here than what is going on in other areas that isn’t getting reported? How else do you bring attention to this when those that should be acting don’t? Work overload is a BS statement used by the lame and lazy.
        I also agree it is old tech but it’s still in the news for those that pay attention to the three sentence reports in the news. Cities can’t afford the new smaller military tech, so they use the hand me downs. (like Doppler) But sure makes you wonder why Tacoma, Baltimore, etc. feel the need to conduct themselves like the feds, and how they justify needing to monitor civilian’s Cell usage. By federal law if they have the need to invade privacy, shouldn’t you expect them to go through proper channels and request federal assistance? After all the first letter in FISA stands for Foreign right? So then why is a city breaking federal law? Or then how do we control the separation between city and state, and who will hold them accountable?
        1984 is here people just need to pay attention, hell with the new (now old) chips in the $100 bills, I can not only tell how many are in your wallet or the car next to me, but I can trace a single EIL from disbursement to seizuresale.
        It was originally designed to track unreported flow at borders, but of course with all technology, people find a way to use it in ways to fit their needs.