Officer Mike’s Light Weight AR

As shocking as this may sound to some of our readers, my experience with AR’s is somewhat limited. Sure. I have been around AR’s most of my adult life. But looking back, almost all of them were military variants spec’d out in standard ways. The only exceptions to those are a few personally owned rifles back in the 1990’s. Principally a Colt 20” HBAR.

Sure I have seen and been around a variety of civilian AR’s over the last 8-10 years. And I have even fired a few of them. But I never really kept up with the latest and greatest trends AR wise. Probably because I don’t personally like to “tinker” with or “build” guns.

How I view guns? I drive ‘em. I maintain ‘em. I break ‘em. But people smarter than me make ‘em. It’s just not my bag. Mentally. But with that comes a dismissiveness concerning the latest trends, fads and widgets. Which I think is a good thing. Because personally, I strongly believe too many gun-people spend too much time being gear-queers and not enough time wearing guns out.

The rifle is basically a BCM gun.

And don’t dismiss that last comment, “wearing guns out”. There is a certain innate level of skill and accomplishment that comes with long hours of experience. Much like how old-man strength happens over a lifetime, not New Year’s resolution workouts.

But. And there is always a but. I need to check my own bullshit a little bit. I have ignored the boutique AR market for so long, that looking at things now; this old man is feeling very dated. Sub 6lb rifles are a common thing now? They are svelte? And durable? And they are sold as OEM, commercial off the shelf models? Yowza! Maybe I need to consider getting into a “modern” AR if they have changed THAT much?

14″ pencil barrel with pinned muzzle device.

Some of our regulars have noticed my random AR-15 questions on social media the last few weeks. What upper this? What maker that? What does X weigh? That’s just me trying to get educated on the current state of common AR technology. But I haven’t changed. To this day, I still have to resist the urge to vomit when cycling though screen after screen of part x, lower y, and charging handle z. The AR market is a zoo.

Somekind of BCM GunFighter charging handle. There are too many options from BCM for me to even care to figure out which one. This one works well. I go to their website and try to spec out and upper and the options for charging handles along make me want to vomit.

I hate it since I see if for what it is: a bunch of geer-queers, “kitted up” in their leather, ass-less chaps, dancing around the Blue Oyster Bar to the beat of some jive-ass gun forum. All the while, not actually shooting much if at at all.

Fucking. Kill. Me.

So. Officer Mike got home and I asked him again what exactly his rifle weighed. Sure it’s a bathroom scale. But this rifle has a RDS and sling attached. And this isn’t a $4000 gun either.

So…Officer Mike did me a solid and put his light weight call-out rifle in my hands. Very nice. Handy. Simple. Clean. Inspiring. That is what I want. A modern, light weight, durable AR that isn’t built with goofy titanium and carbon-fiber parts with the associated solid-gold price tag.

Stay tuned.



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  • My apologizes to Mrs. Officer Mike for showing her bathroom floor without her written consent.



  • Brennen Munro

    That is a very practical looking rig that Officer Mike has there. It is kind of funny to me and surprising to the friends who’s AR’s I have worked on for them, but I do not even own an AR. Years back when I was thinking about getting another one (I had sold mine) they became crazy expensive due to politics. Then I was dealing with more back surgeries, and I just never saw the need to get back into them. I see some now that are so cheap they are almost giving them away, and others that they seem to think have been embellished with magic pixey dust worth thousands… If I do get another, I can see getting something practical like this. Until then I have other semi’s to keep me entertained!

    Good idea apologizing to Mrs Officer Mike…!


    • In the real civilian world, the only thing a AR needs attached to it is a good set of sights and a white light.

      After that, you’re just packing on weight and pretending to be something you’re not.

      “But…but…my IR Laser is great for pig hunting”

      “When was the last time you shot a pig?”

      “Ummm….3 years ago”.

      “Did you randomly fight off a pig in the frozen food section of Save-Rite? In the dark? Or was it a 3 day hunt with start and stop dates”


      “Ok. Rip that fucking bullshit off that rifle and stow it. You don’t wear an orange vest and Elmer Fudd hat every time you take a class at Thunder Ranch”

      “Uhhhh…I’ve never been to Thunder Ranch”

      “Stop fucking talking”


      • Brennen Munro

        Nearly spit coffee on my keyboard reading your reply! So very true my friend, so very true…


  • guns2317

    Officer Mike and I have almost the same tastes. About the only difference is that my TLR-1 HL light is permanently attached and I have the Steiner 1-4x patrol optic since I have old eyes I figure I need any help I can get for distance shooting. I also keep a quick detach bipod in the go bag for any incident where I may have to setup and hold a position for awhile. Keep it light, keep it simple….

    • i wondered about the light myself. He’s a SWAT guy so he might be clipping a Surefire on it as needed.

      Question. how is the Steiner 1-4 working out? Is it a true one power? How forgiving is the eye-box?


      • guns2317

        I have had the Steiner on for close to a year now, I love it. A friend of mine who shoots a LOT actually found the Steiner to be preferable to a Leupold that he had been using when I showed him my rifle. I think the 1x is a ‘true’ 1x, but does cause some distortion if you try to use the iron sights through it. I have it mounted on a LaRue QD mount but, even if the dot battery burns out, I still have the actual reticle I can use so the odds of me needing to use the irons are really slim. Alas, Mr Murphy just loves to show up at inopportune moments so that is why I opted for the QD mount. I had been running an Aimpoint with a 3x flip over magnifier but find the Steiner to be vastly superior to that arrangement.

        • Interesting. Care to post a pic of your setup?


          • guns2317

            Have not tried this before in a comments thread, here is mine (provided it works) I have been running the blast deflector for a few months now, seems effective especially when close to other shooters. I did put the keymod covers on when I found things getting a bit too uncomfortably hot after extended training sessions. They do not add much to the weight.

          • Interesting. I’m curious how my eye/brain would process a long tube like that.

            I’ll need to get Behind one to see one of these days


          • guns2317

            I have no issues with it at all, run it 25 yards and in with both eyes open and have not noticed the tube length. And out at the 200 yard line the glass is nice and sharp and makes hitting steel plates boringly easy. Pardon the pun, but ya should give the Steiner a shot. (sorry, couldn’t resist)

          • I am a pretty big fan of Steiner optics. I run one on my Blaser Tactical and it’s a hell-of-a-nice scope!