OSS Helix Suppressor

So while traveling a while back, I happened to come across a suppressor design that was unfamiliar to me: Flow-Through technology. Or as the dealer described it, “No baffles with hard stops, but more like a tornado”. 

Not being the most sophisticated suppressor guy, that certainly seemed possible. 

The dealer claimed it reduced back-pressure greatly, which means less gas blowback to the shooter’s face. And…I can see that as well. I think. 

I will say the suppressor completely comes apart for disassembly and cleaning. Which I think is a must should it ever get fouled up. 

But the one thing that struck me about this unit was how heavy it was. Holding it in my hand, it seemed like a pig. Which has pros and cons. The pro is it’s probably machine-gun rated. The con is likely a POI shift if stuck on a precision rifle. 

Basically I don’t know what to think. Does anyone out there own one? Use it on tac-rifles? Does it reduce blow-back into the shooter’s face? Or what I’m really asking, is this bullshit?







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