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I was visiting a gun store on some other business when I happened to see a rifle that came in for transfer. I won’t go into all the details since publishing the names of people who know better is not my life’s goal.

Bottom line: Older gentleman is fearing a Hillary Presidency. So like many, he is buying some firearms. He saw this AR carbine on Gunbroker and decided to pick it up since it had, “everything on it”.

Laser and crappy flashlight you can't easily turn on or off. So much fail.

Laser and crappy flashlight you can’t easily turn on or off. So much fail.

I was told the seller of this rifle mounted, zeroed and tested all the components shown. But there are multiple, multiple, multiple problems just looking at it. Some ergonomic. Some weight. Some quality. Besides the fact the stuff is cheap, Chinese, knockoff’s, the red-dot and mount can’t possibly have been zeroed since they move when touched!

It’s the silly season again and un-knowledgable people are being taken advantage of. I see it every 4 years. Mostly with online gun sales websites. People sitting at home in their underwear buying stuff with no direction other than a talking head on FOX or MSNBC.


What a shit show.

“Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

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  • joshua shaw

    holy cow, this reminds me of a guy who asked me to help him figure out what was wrong with his AR-15 when i was at the range a few weeks ago. He was trying to zero optics on two ARs and couldnt hit anything. So i agreed to take a few shots to troubleshoot. First thing i noticed was that his “budget” variable power scope was mounted completely crooked. When i pointed that out he looked at me like i had 3 heads. After recomending that he remount it properly i took a few shots and got his optic back near zero. He had been dialing the adjustments the wrong way and couldnt figure out why his rounds were off paper. total shitshow. The worst part was when i asked him what he wanted to use the rifle for he told me he was an experiences hunter. i asked what kind of game and he said mostly big game in west virginia including bears and wolves…..i dont know what kind of smoke he was blowing up my ass but i regretted touching his gun at all afterward.

    • My policy is…if you ask, I will help. And I will do my level best to guide you in the right direction. Without the patience of others in my youth I wouldn’t be where I am now.

      But…one needs to know when to hold them. And know when to fold them.


  • Brennen Munro

    Ounces equal pounds and pounds equal pain. Kind of reminds me of the stories of what some of the folks found who traveled in the wagon trains that went west a year or two after the first parties had traveled out. Pianos, heavy and very large beds and furniture, and just about anything else you can imagine to shed weight as they moved west and they realized that they were killing their oxen by pulling to much of a load. If these folks have to carry some of these rifles any kind of distance to hunt, or for any other reason, you can bet that they will be changing some things before they ever do it again… if they even ever go out again!


    • Here’s the worst part. He paid AimPoint prices for these junk. It’s a nightmare coming and going.


  • MickeyG

    WAAAY to much junk on that AR !!

  • Mikial

    Sorry in advance, but this is my behavioral science take on situations like this.

    People who live boring lives and worry about the direction the country is going want to feel empowered. They read books and magazine articles and WAY too many internet blogs, then they go out and buy Guns with all the gee whiz stuff on them they see in the movies. Problem is, they have no actual experience so they buy whatever will get them the most gee whiz eye candy they can get because, let’s face it, they really won’t ever really do much with it except go to the range.

    I remember in Iraq in 2004 there were contractors who would show up at the DEFAC wearing every bit of equipment they owned just to go to dinner. There was a guy one day carrying a suppressed MP5. I asked him why he had that at dinner, and he just said ,”Because I can.”