Pat Rogers of EAG Tactical Passed Away Today

Pat was a very interesting person. A long time firearms professional and retired NYPD Detective, he didn’t move in the cool-guy Hollywood circles. But life is funny sometimes. Many of the “operator types” who the “kids” worship today sought out Pat Rogers and EAG.

As Pat would often say when hearing of legends moving on to the other side,”We are diminished”.

Below is a picture memorial of some of Pat’s long career. Also, I have included a famous story Pat would tell known as “Death on a Sunny Afternoon”.

“Death on a Sunny Afternoon”. You just had to know him.


“Shooting Guns & Having Fun”


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  • El_Guapo_01

    I took over 10 classes with Pat. It wasn’t just that he was a fountain of great knowledge, it was how he could deliver it and have you rolling in laughter at the same time. RIP, Pat. I will push/pull until it’s time for me to go to roll call in the sky, because I sure don’t want to hear “I must be a bad instructor” booming from the heavens. Thanks for everything.

    • Mikial

      You’re lucky to have been able to train with him.

    • Pat was awesome.


  • Mikial

    Thanks for posting this. I never knew Pat personally, but I sure knew of him and the world is a poorer place without him. But, I’m certain he’s still rockin’ on over there on the other side.

    I’m lead trainer for a four day HEAT training next week where we’re going to put people through the mill . . . reacting to fire, IEDs, mines, illegal checkpoints, abductions etc. There’ll be village mock-ups, cross loading from disabled vehicles and all night training with lots of flash bangs and dirt and rain . . all the fun stuff. My wife is going to be one of the role players portraying a paramilitary rebel force that’s going to kidnap the students, put bags over their heads, and video their confessions of being Imperialistic American pigs.

    I showed her the video of Pat as a training aid and told her this is the kind of people she’s going to be working with all weekend as we provide this training. She loved it. 😉

  • LegalBeagle

    Pat was a friend and mentor. I lost count of how many classes I took with him starting with the St. Joseph MO bakefest in 2007. I sucked a lot less with a carbine because of him, and while I would never be LSHD, him telling me I had become solid was one of the most valuable compliments I ever got. The difference his teaching made in my performance at in-service shoots was amazing. I drove a lot of miles to train and visit with him, and every damned one was worth it. He called me one day in 2008 and asked me to join a specific forum to add some legal knowledge to a discussion. As a result, I have met some other damned fine people across the US.

    Pat was a dog (and cat) person. We bonded at first over rotties. I have a couple photos of him rolling around with (my wife’s dog) Mya at Boone County 2012, and always regretted not getting some shots of him playing with Mack in the cabin in NC in 2008. I know that there are a few dogs, including some of mine, that are dancing around with him at the The Bridge today. RIP, brother Pat.

    • Yes, Pat was a well known animal lover.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your story.


  • Conner

    I didn’t know the man but he was obviously highly respected. My condolences to those who were his friends and his family. Those who were trained by him must certainly be better at what they do..