POTD — 408 CheyTac Bullet vs 308 Round

This photo was posted on the internet and it left an impression on me. I have never seen a 408 CheyTac in person, much less fired one. So I never appreciated just how large these bullets are.

It appears the vender is shipping 408 CheyTac bullets in cases designed for loaded 308 rounds!

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  • Brennen Munro

    Wow! I think that would leave a lasting impression on what ever it connected with. I have never seen them side-by-side, I had read about the CheyTac a while back, but never thought much about it after that, that is a big round.


  • B. Young

    Great picture. weirdly- Reminds me of that 20mm rifle I never got around to buying-I think the company quit making them anyway.