POTD — CZ Scorpion

Since I posted a quick blurb on the SIG MPX Carbine, a follower of ours on Facebook shared a photo of his CZ Scorpion “pistol”.

I have no experience with the Scorpion, but I do admit that I am a sucker for the American Freedom Flag! So POTD status it gets!

“Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

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  • Mikial

    Great POTD and I agree with the “I am a sucker for the American Freedom Flag” aspect. I used to have an old Scorpion back in the day, but it wasn’t very reliable so I ditched it. The new one looks very cool and I’ve read and watched several reviews on it, but since I’m not currently willing to pay the extra cost to get one in selective fire I don’t see the point in owning what is essentially a semi-auto SMG that will not be as accurate or effective than a whole lot of other guns.

    No slam on people who like them. Have fun and go with what you like!

    BTW, the picture below is representative of the one I had, but not a picture of my actual gun.