POTD – Donald Trump’s Pile of Taxes

Some of you are aware that I can move through some pretty rarified circles. In a previous life, the altitude changes in just one night should have caused nose bleeds. Or was it bloody noses? I’ll never tell. (sic) But I digress…

Very recently I was the fly on the wall to a very interesting conversation about the above picture. A high level, American C-level executive was having a conversation with a high-level campaign operative. I can assure you the businessman was probably a Republican, and I know for certain the campaign guy works for Republicans. Just about everyone at this thing was a DC insider. Except for me of course. I’m the token gun-guy.

The gist of what I heard went something like this:

OP: “Did you hear about the latest schtick Trump has pulled, showing his pile of tax papers!?”

CEO: “Yeah, I did and it got me thinking about switching to Trump”, the CEO deadpanned.

OP: His voice almost breaking into a laughter, “How do you figure?!”

CEO: Unmoved, the CEO states flatly, “The guy I’ve been supporting has a two page tax return. He has no investments. Doesn’t pay capital gains. Never owned a business or paid payroll taxes. And I would guess doesn’t even have an estate planner”.

OP: Knowing he is getting his ass handed to him in front of his peers, the political operative just stands there like a deer in the headlights waiting for what is coming.

The CEO continues, “Considering the problems we’re facing, do I want the next President to be a guy who has a 2 page tax-return? I have to tell you, that picture really has me thinking”.

Truth is, that CEO was a pretty smart cookie. If for no other reason, I had never considered that fact when the tax issue was making the news cycle rounds. And I am not exactly sure what his exact quote was in it’s entirety since a few of the items he listed, “were Greek to me”.

Strange times. DC seems tense about the election. Much more than I have never noticed in the past. I think it’s a good thing.

“Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

  • Outlaw

    I think the establishment polo’s of both flavors are scared to death of “the Donald.” I don’t exactly know what I think about any of the three Repub’s they all have pluses and they all have minuses but I am happy that the “old guard” is frightened of the outsider. I am voting Repub does not matter to me which one it is. The Demo’s have made it clear where they stand on my Constitutional rights and I will make it clear that I will never vote for another Demo candidate unless the party changes it’s 2nd amendment stance. I’m not exactly sure when the entire Democratic party became anti 2nd amendment but it is clear that they have.

    • I think you and I are of the exact same mind. Do I have some reservations about Donald Trump? Sure. But do those reservations outweigh the certainty of Establishment bull$hit? 100% percent.

      I don’t believe any establishment politician can close the Mexican border. And if we can’t actually close the border, how are we going to actually have any options for ANYTHING else regarding that issue?

      I don’t believe and establishment candidate will fix the VA. Or any other out of control government agency.

      I don’t believe any establishment candidate can actually balance a single budget. Again, not pay anything off. But balance ONE budget for ONE year.

      I don’t believe any establishment candidate can fix tax policy that will bring jobs back to America.

      I don’t believe any establishment candidate can implement trade policy that benefits the United States worker or business owner.

      So by voting for any establishment candidate, I would be voting for not addressing just these 5 HUGE issues. People on the right and the left are tired of it.


  • Mikial

    I will vote for whoever the Republican party nominates for two reasons . . .

    1. The Democrats hate me and everyone like me.

    2. Any vote for a write-in or third party candidate is a completely wasted vote that essentially give the Dems another vote by virtue of not giving one to the Republican.

    Are the Republicans what this country needs? No, not really, but they are head and shoulders above the alternative.

    As for Trump, to me the jury is still out but I have to love the way he has stirred everything up, and there is no doubt that he understands money management and business development better that any president we’ve had in the past few decades. I like Cruz too, no question there, and either of them would be a lot better than Clinton or Sanders.