HK Vp9 Magwell

POTD – HK VP9 Magwell

Those who remember my previous experience with VP9 magwell’s might be cringing in horror at this sight. But alas, I would like to find an aftermarket magwell option for the VP. 

But why now?

Simple. HK has released factory 20 round VP9 magazines. They are extended anyway. So we will give this a shot. I figure it can’t hurt. And it is ultimately removable. Heck! I might even revisit the +2 base-pad subject! 

More to come. But special note: We are not gear reviewers. I am just bringing you along to see my projects. HK and the maker of this product have no idea we even exist. And we paid full retail for it. Just like the last one. Which looking back was obviously a waste of money. 





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