POTD: Japanese Type 1 Folding Paratrooper Rifle

JAPANESE TYPE 1 PARATROOPER BOLT ACTION CARBINE. Caliber 6.5 Japanese. Converted from a standard Type 38 Carbine. I have a weakness for any rifle that takes-down, dissembles, comes apart, folds or otherwise collapses into a smaller package.





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  • Conner

    Oh Lord! What I wouldn’t give to have that in “my house”! I can’t help thinking that somehow it was a knock off of something German. Nothing wrong with that. Other then Browning and Johnsons designs I think most others followed Mauser. If they were still around today they would be hard pressed to find real competition. They would be asking What the hell is this “after market” stuff?

    • I agree. I believe most of the Japanese bolt guns were functionally Mauser rifles.


  • Mikial

    Now THAT really made me look twice.

    The Japanese were not the sharpest tack in the box when it came to weapons design in the WWII era (witness the Nambu and their concrete decked aircraft carrier), but they made do with what they had to work with. And this is an excellent example of that. Very innovative and, if they had had a high tempo of airborne operations, probably would have been very useful.

    • It was my understanding these came quite late in the war and were never officially fielded or widely issued. I have heard some references to one of two being taken in battle. But most were found in arsenal.

      I think. Quite a lot of things I know about WWII, but Japanese small arms is not one of them.