POTD — LED Front Sight

I have noticed an emerging trend by some of the higher end hunting rifles. Led front sights. I wasn’t really sure how I felt about that, but then I saw this image and something clicked.

So…it’s kinda like a red-dot sight in it’s application?


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  • MickeyG

    Interesting, I like it, gets the front sight on target quickly.

    • We re just about maxed out on gun technology. The next advances will be electronics onboard firearms.

      When I am a very old man, I expect every handgun will have the same technology.


      • MickeyG

        Yeah, I still like iron sights though the best.

  • Imur Huckleberry

    This is new to me and cant find anything about it or anyone selling these LED front sights… Do you have anymore information about this?

    • I know they have an english language website, but I don’t seem to be able to find it right now. Start at the link below.



      • Mikial

        First, it was helpful that my wife is from Austria, so the German was no problem. Second, it’s cool I suppose, but too many new shooters are relying on the technology of their sights and failing to learn the basics of sight picture and alignment before going to the tech for results. I always have to suppress a chuckle at the range watching the laser dots sliding around over the targets in the other lanes as the shooters try to live up to the pros in the Crimson Trace viddies who make the promo material so that shooting looks easy with a laser even though these guys have been shooting for 30 or so years without dots or lasers.

        Do I have dots on some of my guns? Absolutely. Lights? Yeah, and even a laser on one of my pocket pistols with notoriously poor sights. But if you take all that stuff off, I can still punch the center out of the target at 400 yards with my Garand with the original iron sights. Am I bragging? No. Because anyone who learned the basics and practices regularly should be able to do that. But too many new shooters are enamored by all the ‘Gee Whiz” BS on the market today. All that stuff is great when it works; until it doesn’t.

        • I concur with your observations and comments and I will add this.

          Let’s say you are on a Dangerous Game Safari, shooting a major caliber, with open sites, worrying about your game charging you?

          Does this help, hurt or have no effect one way or the other? Meaning you still have a iron if the light goes out?

          Just food for thought.


  • Brennen Munro

    Seems like it would be almost blinding in low light settings.


    • Good observation. I wonder if it has a power setting like the run of the mill red-dot? 4 for night. 10 for noon?