POTD — M1 Garand with Red Dot Sight

I know this photo will cause quite a bit of ass-hurt but I know of at least one older shooter who stopped shooting his garand competitively since he couldn’t see the front sight anymore.

Technology is a good thing.

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  • Conner

    I can’t see where any damage has been done to his Garand. This person must love to shoot if he used to compete and then took the trouble to mount the red dot. Good for him/her. No ass-hurt here. As we get older we realize it’s best not to get in somebody else’s business that ain’t none of yours, especially when it’s about a gun or guns that somebody worked hard to get. We can be concerned. We can teach those starting to shoot or collect about preserving history. Realistically, if they own it we can be ass-hurt all we want but the fact is it’s their firearm and who are we to tell them not to do something to it? As a collector I can say that when it comes time to actually refurbish an old military small arm it’s a pretty big decision for someone that cares about preserving history. It can be left to be a wall hanger or a useful ‘redone’ piece of history. Like you folks I’m sure no one wants or puts up with anybody telling us what to do with our ‘stuff’, even though I always say that we never really own our collections, it’s just our turn to watch over them until we’re gone…..

    • Which brings up a good point not often discusses. If a weapon is super-collectable based off condition, even if it’s affordable, I likely won’t buy it. We run a reference library and everything has to be “working”. No point buying a $3000 rifle MINTY MILSURP only to shoot it and turn it into a $900 milsurp.

      I’ll intentionally buy down and shoot it.


  • MickeyG

    Interesting !

    • Yes. I also suspect it needs a cheek piece.


  • Mikial

    Looks like it was pretty much a drop in modification that can be easily reversed, but gives the owner another way to enjoy a really great gun.

    • That is the best appeal. One would need a cheek riser as well to make this work. I suspect anyway.