POTD — M1D Garand Deer Hunting

Interesting photo showed up on the internet this week. The owner of a M1D Garand sniper rifle had his MILSURP out in the Western New York State snow for deer season. If I understand it correctly, he has to download his rifle to 5 rounds to comply with the NY SAFE ACT.


Yeah, let’s hope Trump rolls that crap back too.

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  • MickeyG

    Cool, love my 1943 M1 Garand, buy I think I will keep it all origina, but sure like the M1D.

    • The nice thing about the D is all the user has to change is the Barrel. The scope mount fits into a threaded receiver that is on the D version. This allows, as I recall, any Garand to be “scoped” by field armorers instead of tedious fitting back at the arsenal.


  • Mikial

    I used to hunt Mulies with guy in Utah who used a Garand. He didn’t have a scope on it, but he didn’t seem to need one. Garands are extremely accurate, and the 8 rounds semi gave him an edge, but they are mighty heavy to hump up and down in the mountains.

  • Bryce Mibeck

    I understand the NY courts have rolled the SAFE act back, changing it from 7 to 10 round magazine capacity.

    • That’s interesting. But I don’t know how that is actually Constitutional. That sounds like creating leglistaion, now adjudication.

      If the law says something, a judge can either rule to invalidate in part or in full. But he’d need some legal precedent or existing code to create a number.

      Was 10 previously the law?