Ed Brown 1911 Old Work Gun.

POTD: My Retired 1911

POTD: Picture of the Day. It’s been a while since this old gun of mine has seen some sunlight. It’s my old 1911 I carried daily for 12 years. I know this gun. I trust this gun. And if this gun could talk, it would rat me out on all my good stories. It has been refinished. The current refinish  to round count ratio is just over 8000 rounds. According to my logs. In no way would I feel under gunned if I were to strap this on. But these days, we all carry “standard capacity” 9mm pistols. But it was fun to break it out last week for some informal shooting.

Ed Brown Executive Elite. 5″ Government Model. Blued finish.




“Shooting Guns & Having Fun”



  • Conner

    Any picture of a 1911 that you post would look good to me. As a gunsmith I can tell you some folks want a finish job that has a sort of “used ” look or antiquish look. I can’t really get a real good look at your side kick here because of my screen or it’s just too early Sunday morning but I really like the finish. Worn or not, I can’t tell. In my picture here it has kind of a case hardened look all over. Pretty cool. Being a traditionalist I like the solid triggers but that’s just my preference. I can easily see how you are very attached to this girl. What I can’t see is ever being under gunned with her. Thanks for the show and tell Marky. This ones a Keeper.

    • Thanks Connor. It’s a standard Matte blue finish. I do like the solid triggers but when this gun was made, the three hole Vedecki was in style. Most people didn’t even offer a solid trigger back then.

      When I was younger and less experienced I wouldn’t worry about such things as wear. Now I recognize it as a positive.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  • Brennen Munro

    What kind of material are your handle slabs? Horn, Ivory, or maybe Bone… what ever they look great and really add to the over-all warmth of the aged patina. This is how a high quality tool looks after years of loyal service, and unless they start putting wooden sides or something on these plastic fantastics, we are going to be seeing less and less of these beautiful retired guns.


    • Freeze

      Brennen, Those are Ivory grips, I know this because for years Marky would remind me he has Ivory grips on his 1911. The guy just loves to rub it in….LOL.

    • Freeze is correct. I do like to rub it in.

      BTW…I have elephant ivory on my 1911.



      • Brennen Munro

        One of the few belongings that I have that was my father’s is his Elephant Hair bracelet. It is one of those big thick ones about the size of your pinky finger thick, and not one of those that were made using four or five hairs from when those were even available. He was killed in Rhodesia when I was a child. The bracelet and some memories are all I have from him. The grips do look amazing.