POTD — Revolver w/ Bayonet Attached

Only one thing comes to mind when I see this image, “It’s better than a sharp stick”.

You’re Welcome.



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  • Peter Levakis

    Love it!

  • Mikial

    Well, if you’re close enough to be using a handgun in close quarters, and a revolver at that, then I guess a bayonet might not be such a bad idea. The adaptation of what I think is an M7/M8 bayonet for a revolver is clever, although it looks like it might make reloading a bit cumbersome.

  • B. Young

    Even the walking dead and Z-Nation doesn’t have that! On the other hand I’ve seen bayonets for NAA mini revolvers and another made just for mounting on Picatiny rails….

    • Give it time. What comes first? The movie or the philosophy? Arguments for both.


  • Conner

    Here’s a cool old one that is from a friends collection. No marking or numbers on it. A good friend of mine found a match by researching but I don’t remember if it was identified or not. Some of the stuff they came up with in days gone by are really made to do some serious damage!
    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d570791d0d6514eec36ca939be75e5474867b4cc8d803c8fbc3222a98223fd20.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d346941bc224157bc0ac16a2749ba8af06656b90e2eda4608844193a560cfc16.jpg

    • Those are interesting pictures. It seems folks of old understood that handguns suck as man stoppers and having to go to ECQ was in the cards.

      How much knowledge we have lost!