POTD — Savage 1899 Takedown Rifle

While at the FFL today doing a transfer, I happened to notice a Savage 1899 on the shelf. Most don’t even “see” these rifles since they aren’t black and tactical. But I have been eyeing the type for quite a while. Just waiting to see what comes down the road.

Here we have a Savage 1899. It is more commonly known as the Savage 99.

Savage 1899 Takedown Rifle

They come in a few different “crazy weird” calibers. This one happens to be in Savage 250-3000. Is a takedown. And even has a nice, original carrying case. Not bad for a rifle made in 1916.

For those in the know, yes this does have the magazine round count window and mechanism.

Here you see the rifle taken down. Notice the case made for it? Even more cool!

Am I interested? You bet! I will buy it? Not sure. I was there picking up something that already is crazy expensive. Besides, I need to do some research on 250-3000 and see if it’s obtainable and how it shoots in these relatively light rifle.

Stay tuned.


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