POTD — Stack of Lugers

Thought this was just a neat photo. A pile of Lugers. The fancy scroll-looking logo on the toggles of many of them stands for DWM: Deutsche Waffen and Munitionsfabriken. That translates as…German Weapons & Munitions. DWM isn’t the only maker of the Luger. There are multiple sources, but that is something for another article.


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  • Mikial

    Agreed . . . cool picture.

    Years ago I was at a yard sale in Utah . . . more of a flea market, really, and there was a guy selling old guns. He had an actual Luger for sale for $400 and I passed it up.


    Sure wish i could turn back time and do that over again.

    • Yeah, we all have those stories. I recall as a kid being able to buy WWII stuff dirt cheap and Japanese stuff? You couldn’t give that crap away!

      Now? It’s all sky high! Even the Jap Rifles!


      • Mikial

        Hindsight is 20-20.

  • Brennen Munro

    I have often thought of owning a Luger pistol. I wanted it to shoot at the range, but I just do not have the means to get such a collectible pistol just to have as a toy for the range. This is truly an example of innovative design, fine craftsmanship, and iconic desirability in blued steel. Thanks for the post… but, now I want one again!


    • Mikial

      Yeah, me too. Addiction’s a terrible thing.

  • Conner