POTD – Steyr Hahn 1912 9mm Luger

So…you thought this photo is a repeat did ya? Nope! This is a photo we took at the Cody Firearms Museum. 

Why? Because we have the exact same gun. Steyr Hahn converted to 9mm Luger by the Germans. But I have to be honest, we were a little disappointed in this photo. Because we really were interested in seeing the markings on the other side. 

Since ours was refinished, we had some questions. But not all was lost. The placard states the guns were made from 1911 through 1919. IMO, this is important since many times, you will see them listed for sale under the year they were made. 

Example: This is known as a Steyr Hahn 1912. But auction houses have been known to erroneously list them at Steyr 1914’s, 15’s, etc. 

Why do you care? Easy. If you are in the market for one, and it’s catalogued incorrectly, less people are seeing it. Which means it’s likely to be cheaper. 

That’s how we got our Luger version. It was cataloged wrong and nobody saw it. We basically stole it. 

Good hunting! 






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