POTD — The Golden BB

Thought this was an interesting photo. What you are looking at is an anti-aircraft round that has passed through this plane’s prop while in flight.

I have heard rumors that during WWII soldiers and airmen subscribed to the “golden BB” theory. The flack and volume of fire didn’t matter. If it was your time, the Golden BB had your name on it and would smack you right between the eyes. At least that’s how I understand it.

Being familiar with statical models and probability, I don’t subscribe to such superstitions. But looking at this photo…it does give one pause.



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  • Ronin John

    I dunno, maybe it was a cannon round fired by a German fighter above and behind the pilot? The petals on the damage clearly indicate an impact from the rear towards the front. It would be really hard to get the blade to be impacted there from below owing to the depth of the Thunderbolt’s “chin” . ? ? Regardless, that’s one very lucky pilot

    • That occurred to me as I was writing it. Did the Germans use 20mm?


      • Ronin John

        Yes sir, both the FW-190 and Bf-109 had variants equipped with 20mm cannon.

        • That seems plausible to me.


        • MickeyG

          And some of the FW-190’s had 30mm cannons (4) wing mounted

  • James Dallas Teel II

    True story. Several years ago, a barge crashed into the Arkansas river bridge along I-40 and the bridge collapsed. Several cars and trucks crashed into the river as the bridge disappeared beneath them. An officer and his family of my acquaintance were traveling along I-40. He saw what was happening and was able to get stopped. Then suddenly, they were hit from behind. They were killed. When it’s your time you can’t do anything about it.

    • That is a sad tale.


      • James Dallas Teel II

        Yes. It is. Just be as prepared as possible at all times; both for this life and the next.

  • Brennen Munro

    Not sure what the statistics would have said, but I do know that we had great faith in the “big sky” “little bullet” theory, if jumping into an area where the locals did not want you there!