POTD — The Gurkha Knives

Thought this was an interesting photo. Like many of you, I know “some” about the Kukri knife. But I am certainly no expert. To date, I have never even owned one, but I am not known as a knife-guy either, so maybe that isn’t a surprise.

My excuse has always been, I will buy one in Nepal when I get up there. Hasn’t happened yet but fingers crossed. A past client of mine actually got trapped in Nepal during this last earthquake, but he eventually made it out. Thanks to the US Military.

A few years ago I did cross paths with a Gurkha who was pulling some duty in a Commonwealth country. We exchanged information and he promised to hook me up if I ever made it his way.

So…this photo reminds me of him. I’ll give a call this week and see where in the world he is these days?



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  • Jeffrey Scott Boyer

    My father had an experience with the kukri while assigned to India for a Fortune 500 company. During the workday some thieves had walked in and were stealing purses and anything else not nailed down. The retired Gurkha security detained them and had drawn their kukri. A manager on scene asked them to detain the thieves till my father was appraised of the situation. My father responded to the scene and was given a sitrep by the guards. The guards also requested that they be allowed to draw blood since they had drawn their knives. My dad, being quick on his feet, said you may draw blood but not in front of me. From then on my dad was accorded the utmost respect by the Gurkhas.

    • That is an interesting story. Gets one thinking doesn’t it?


      • Jeffrey Scott Boyer

        Didn’t a Gurkha corporal recently win a VC defending his outpost in Afghanistan. In the citation they intimated that he beheaded a few of the taliban with his kukri. Now that is something to ponder.

  • Mikial

    We had quite a few former British Gurkhas working with us in Iraq, mostly as static guards. Some of them had their kukris but not all. they were a solid bunch and we trusted them with our lives at the more distant compounds out in ‘Indian Country’. They were a rough bunch. All the teams were assigned a Suburban to use for administrative runs to get food and such, and i recall one day a couple of them got into a dispute over whose turn it was to use theirs. It ended up with on of the Gurkhas getting pretty upset and driving his knife through all four of the tires on their Suburban. I guess he figured if he couldn’t use it nobody was going to.

    Idiosyncrasies aside, they were a solid bunch and several died in the line of duty while I was there. Most of our actions were at too long a range for knives of any kind to be much of a deciding factor.

  • Bruce Beckwith

    Check out Himalayan Imports. Their knives are hand made in Nepal.

    • Yeah. That doesn’t have the same appeal as brining one back myself.