Preparing for Hillary Clinton to Win November 2016

As I type this, it is April of 2016. The Republican party establishment seems hell-bent on destroying itself. Read that as Hillary winning and they being able to say, “See! We told all of you. You can’t win without us!”

Ok. Fine. Well…not fine. But what kind of position does that put me in? As a gun loving law abiding, American citizen?

Screwed. Just like the rest of you.

All Steel Magazine

All Steel Magazine. Will work in ANY STANAG rifle: M4, AR, FS2000, SCAR, HK 416, etc, etc.

So, I’m buying magazines. Not to flip. Not to sell. Not to make money with. But I will be damned if I will wake up one day like I did in 1994 without a pile of standard capacity magazines on hand. And a big enough pile to easily last the rest of my life. No way. No how. Never again. F. That! And you shouldn’t either.

C-Products Defense 30 round steel magazines.

C-Products Defense 30 round steel magazines.

I placed this most recent order of all steel GI magazines just as the drama from the Colorado Republican party was breaking. 15 steel body, non-tilt-follower STANAG magazines. Compared to the fancy polymer magazines, they are a bargain. And just as reliable. No worries. I have plenty of PMAGS too. But the question should be how many do you have?

Non-Tilt Followers

Non-Tilt Followers. 15 new, unissued AR Magazines.

Goldman Sachs is buying gold. I am buying guns & ammo. Both out of fear.

We live in strange times.
“Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

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  • Daniel, God is my judge

    Strange indeed! I’m slightly more paranoid, I worry about our 2nd amendment rights. So, I have made a plan to hide a cache of “things” that our government might think I should not have. Sportsmans Guide has 58 gallon heavy duty barrels that were used to ship olives/pickles in. These are waterproof and a very convenient size if you have a place to bury them. Wash them out good, a little extra sealer around the top, just in case, grease everything up with rigg and throw in some desicant packs and you are gtg.

    • After seeing some bad results from stuff that has been buried underground, my suggestion would be to test your system for proof of concept before you actually need it. Meaning, bury some containers and check them at 3-6-12 months. –Marky

      • Mikial

        Great advice. Even putting things in a safe results in an amazing amount of humidity. If you are storing anything underground ( or anywhere else for that matter) I would recommend sealing all guns in purpose-built gun storage bags like Z-Corr Long Firearm Storage Bags or One ProTecht Firearm Storage Bags. And be sure to put in plenty of silica packets to help absorb moisture. It is also wise to give all your guns a good coat of preservative lube like Cosmoline. There’s a reason old surplus guns come coated with that stuff.

        If stored underground or in a vault, mags should be lightly coated with a good rust inhibitor, but that also means you will need to disassemble them and clean everything well prior to use to prevent fouling of the spring and follower. I invested in some really great Israeli poly mags that work like a champ. They are Israeli after all.

        Ammo will also be degraded by moisture and time. Be sure to store it in quality sealed containers (with plenty of silica packets to help absorb moisture. And even though a buried cache is meant to be long term storage, it’s still wise to rotate it every 10 years or so.

        • Daniel, God is my judge

          All good advice and all in the plan. There won’t be any dry runs. I’m assuming there will be a build up before the shtf, bans, attempts to register and finally confiscation. I have no plans to be a participant in that program.

          • Mikial

            I agree with not being a participant in any confiscation. I don’t bury my guns . . I have another method. But in the end it boils down to . . some for them to find (that makes them happy) and some for me to keep.

        • IMO, until I see some of these “bury your stuff” theories actually vetted over the Lang term, I suspect most of it’s BS. And as such, you’ll end up with a pile of rust.


          • Mikial

            Agreed. I don’t bury anything. There are other techniques that provide the same benefit without the risk of damage to your weapons and gear. My advice to Daniel was simply that . . . advice.

          • Daniel, God is my judge

            Let’s say we go the route of Austrailia, it doesn’t matter how we get there, but we get to the point of confiscation. At that point it doesn’t matter if your stuff ends up a pile of rust or melted down as scrap. You can choose to try and evade the confiscation or get on your knees and be a good subject. I choose not to be a subject. 3%

          • Daniel, you are missing my point. If the government wants to confiscate firearms, they will be doing it barrel first. In both directions.

            I am not opposed to burying guns in such a development. I just honestly feel that most of these stuff being sold as waterproof and safe is just snake oil. –Marky

          • Daniel, God is my judge

            Marky, sorry I got this off the topic, it looks like it took a mind of its own. But I would like to tell you about a guy I knew from Colorado who claimed when he was a kid he and his dad where poking around an abandoned house near Pueblo and found a Colt single action army 45 covered in axle grease and wrapped in an old shirt hidden in the floor. He said it cleaned up pretty good. Now, admittedly this was a low humidity environment. There have always been weapons cached throughout the years, in all types of climates. IMHO the secret of keeping weapons in useable condition is to use methods the militarys around the world have used. Corrossion resistance and controled humidity. Mikial has all the right ideas. I respect what both you and Mikial have to say and let’s hope I don’t have to put my theories to the test. Keep the good articles coming Marky.

          • Your story is neat but very common. Comparing longterm storage in a dwelling, no matter how uncared for, is nothing when compared to burying stuff in the ground.

            “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

  • Mikial

    Great article. I managed to acquire a nice lot of Israeli poly mags that work great, along with some new mil spec metal mags that are still in the sealed plastic. I also invested in some replacement springs and green followers for maintenance, along with some AR repair kits with a good selection of springs and pins, etc. Too many people forget about repair parts.

    It’s also good to create a rotating stock of batteries for sights, lights, etc. I’ve found Battery Bob to be a reliable source of bulk batteries, but if anyone has a cheaper source for quality batteries, I’d appreciate knowing about them.

    • Jerry Tribby

      Battery junction has a better price on CR123A batteries than Battery Bob. 1 to 11 @ $1.00 50 @ $.96 . I have had good performance with those batteries.

      • Mikial

        Great referral.


    • B. Young

      those orange battery junction battiers cr123a’s are good batts I’ve used them for years. I buy 50 at a time and I had a few get lost for years and still worked great. I check every one when I get them and never over .01V variance in batch.

  • Conner

    I haven’t been able to comment on anything up to now because I’ve had the dry heaves since reading your title saying Hillary has a chance to win. The hell you say Marky! Can’t run the country from the big house. Hmmm…I take that back. I’m but an old confused man. I see one article with folks claiming there’s no way in hell they’ll buy “available” ammo from Mexico while all the rest of us are trying to make room, scrape up what we can afford or find and pack anything we can get a hold of for our underground arsenals and grocery stores. My hope is we someday have a leader that lets us take care of bidness above ground. Untie the hands of our military and that will happen. I heard someone say this morning that had General Patton still been with us in charge these wars would have been over in 24 hours. We always miss the best the most…

    • Between you and me, I was as sure Obama wouldn’t get reelected as I am in the sun coming up tomorrow. It was a terrible lesson. And I think we’re headed toward a big fall. If Obama could get re-elected, then Hillary certainly can get elected.

      And I blame the Republicans. But that is a comment for a different post.


      • Conner

        I’m with you brother. Back to your main subject, I’m already set but if I was going to buy mags to “put away” I think I would want polymer to help avoid rust. However, I would never buy plastic otherwise. I love steel as much as I love wood on my rifles.

  • B. Young

    I live in a very humid climate and have experimented with many storage methods IMHO:
    1.use Birchwood Casey Barricade AKA Sheath gun oil as it has a certain amount of wax that will continue to protect long after the oil has gone 8-10 years or more in my experience.
    2.Seal guns in at least 7-10 mil heat sealed plastic
    3.Include all the various moisture/oxygen absorbent packs you can just like storing food.
    4. include non oiled in any way sacrificial iron bars. This could be mild steel bar stock from you local iron dealer or any clean degreased non rusted mild steel like an old tool or knife. Let the O2 rust the sacrificial iron bars rather than your rifle.

    • I am not expert and your suggestion intrigues me. Control it. Don’t stop it. Knowing how nature is, that makes A LOT of sense.



  • Djs588

    Personally, I believe Clinton will be sneakier than her husband ever was (while in office) but I do not give her great strength in regards to the Second Amendment. I think, she knows that her campaign promises will not be obeyed. Think about the Clintonistas in New England, who tried to institute a mandatory registration of all of those “evil” looking “assault weapons”. Wasn’t the success rate ~10%?. Then she wouldn’t have anyone to blame, considering the weakness of the so-called Republicans.
    In addition, I think it would be, virtually, impossible for her to be able to mobilize enough troops to take action against the citizens.
    There will be scare stories about foreign troops entering the US to carry out the action, but even clinton will not be stupid enough to try to beat 100,00,000 firearm owners.
    Then she and her minions would be imprisoned in the white house.
    Who then, will be the true leaders of our country?
    Sorry if I upset anyone, just wanted to express a few thoughts.
    Thanks for your time.

  • Josh Thompson

    Ok snarky Marky, how about an in depth on what works and what does not on underground storage.

  • Bill rays jones

    Well I sure hope she doesn’t win. Being a disabled veteran I really love my country. And if it does come to government getting our weapons. I sure hope the millions of gun owners in this country we’ll just say no and had the backbone to do what’s right. Read between the lines. I just hope we can organize. Don’t ever get my firearms. But I don’t want to be a criminal but that’s what my government makes me I’ll be the best