Rant — Accuracy International Shits The Bed

It seems the president of Accuracy International has out his foot in his mouth regarding American gun rights. I can’t think of a more surefire way to put yourself out of business than to spit in your customer’s face.

Yes, he said it. No, it wasn’t taken out of context.



“Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

  • I am not saying boycott AI. I don’t think we are there quite yet. But I do feel if the CEO gets to express his ill-informed opinions about how and why American gun laws work? Then that motherfucker has earned a got damn phone call from his customers.

    He doesn’t have to agree with OUR laws and rights. But if HE wants to do business here, then shut the fuck up.

    What’s my end goal here? What’s going to make me happy right now? I would for him and his company to get enough static from HIS customer base, that he is compelled to issue a public apology on video. And the more it looks like a hostage video done under duress, the better.

    Don’t make it hard to me to give you money, dope.

    “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

  • Brennen Munro

    I have no illusions as to what this guy thinks of the great unwashed masses here in the USA. Their guns have been sold to mostly military, LE, and guys with very deep pockets who this guy enjoys rubbing shoulders with, the rest of us… Meh, not so much. I have seen so many of his kind while living in the UK. And the absolute worst part of it is that he is “new” money. He must feel obliged to say the proper statements of the status that he so desperately wishes to remain part of, not realizing that the “old” money will always be looking down on him. How do I know this… My family is part of the “old” money problem. It sucks, but hey… I have just freed one more skeleton from the closet!


    • George Lee

      The two magic words; “it depends”. ^luv it.

    • Been thinking about him. Even if all the current owners just sell their guns off out of protest, how does that change his yearly sales numbers when new customers are buying second hand, not dealer direct? I think it would be crippling.