Rant – Tactical Colostomy Bags

These high dollar, surreptitious, “Tactical” bags that have been on the market as of late is living proof that a fool and his money are easily parted.

So much so, I feel as if the entire genre is a scam.



”Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

  • Girls buy Gucci bags for other girls.

    Think about it.

    Think for yourself.


  • Hoze928

    Marky thank you so much could not agree more. Drives me crazy seeing someone spending 100’s of dollars because it’s the next cool tactical thing. When I read awhile back that you use an old tennis racket case to haul your rifles around that is pure genius. I used your example sorta because I’m a single older white guy that lives in an apartment building and was always getting some strange looks when I wanted to haul my rifles to the range. My bags are all fairly cheap under $60 and they aren’t shaped like a firearm. Keep up the good work and rant all you want you have earned it.

    • Thanks, Hoze. My bag doesn’t have to be a tennis bag. Maybe during the summer it’s a softball bag? Perhaps outside of Boston it’s a hockey bag? Florida? Golf bag.

      You get the idea.

      Just visit your local used sporting good reseller and see what they have. Cheaper and less cool looking, the better.

      Don’t buy the black hockey bag. Buy the neon green gym bag.


  • Mikial

    You can buy quite a bit of range ammo for the cost of a lot of the bags, entry vests, etc. some guys seem to think they have for their once a month trip to the range.

    • It’s easier to buy $hit than using it.


  • guns2317

    My AR pistol with the LAW folding adapter fits nicely inside of my Camelback backpack, not sure which version it is but it is something you would wear for a day of hiking in a park, gray with orange trim and some bits of reflective material in spots. Completely unobtrusive looking. Nobody would have the 1st clue about what is inside.

    Agreed, no need to advertise your tacti-cool accessories.

    • Boom! Once I read orange and reflective I knew it was good to go.

      Change of subject. How much do the LAW folding hinges weigh?


      • guns2317

        I think the LAW adapter weighs just a bit over 8 or 9 ounces. It is very well made and worth the cost in my book, perfectly suited for a pistol build.

        • That’s true. The short barrel weight savings is more than plenty to absorb 8 ounces.

          But then is a pistol really that hard to fit into a bag to begin with? You likely don’t have a barrel longer than 12 anyway?